Meeting / Event Management

 The last decade has witnessed increasing pressure to incorporate the latest technologies into meeting delivery while digitalizing communications. While these strategies have been embraced, they will never supplant live meetings and events, an ECIR specialty. Planning and executing flawless, creative meetings, which support the brand, are challenging. Few companies have mastered all aspects of successful meeting planning and delivery. This is unfortunate since a single meeting mishap can forever impact
client-customer relations and the brand.

At ECIR Medical Communications, we have mastered the art of meeting management. We view every meeting as the most important event in our portfolio. Our meeting strategy is centered on key meeting objectives, which we work tirelessly to achieve to ensure a successful meeting outcome. Within this strategy we ensure optimal customer interactions and exchange and are sensitive to travel and budget restrictions. Additionally, as policies have evolved related to interactions with healthcare providers we
have remained abreast of such requirements and function in a compliance-friendly fashion.


Advisory Boards

While advisory boards have been scrutinized by some, they remain an effective tool for accomplishing a number of medical communication objectives. Because we have participated at all levels of advisory board execution—from advisor, to agency, to client—we recognize that without proper vision, planning, nurturing, and execution these programs can produce disappointing results. This is often the case when there is insufficient planning or scientific expertise, which can leave important insights on the table. Furthermore, it is important that various departments from the sponsoring company are engaged so that multiple viewpoints can be considered, connected, and propelled forward with key insights form the meeting.

At ECIR Medical Communications our philosophy is to incorporate advisory boards as a building block of the overall medical communications strategy. Our group of opinion leaders, former medical directors, academicians, and clinicians (PharmD and MD) have the experience, expertise, and market awareness to help clients with:

  • Understanding barriers to success
  • Identifying key scientific questions
  • Agenda development
  • Scheduling / advisory boards
  • Site selection
  • Content development
  • Travel and logistics
  • Audio / visual needs
  • Enduring materials, including highlight slides and executive summaries


In developing advisory board strategies, we include the following objectives:

  • Key message development
  • Key opinion leader development
  • Advocacy development
  • Translating advisory board insights into new tactics and strategies


Investigator Meetings

ECIR Medical Communications is experienced in planning and executing IM’s, from small investigator initiated studies to global clinical trials. Our logistics division approaches every meeting with the same strategy, which is scalable, to ensure consistent quality across meetings. We have overseen
Investigator Meetings for multiple clients in various markets and have helped our clients achieve the following objectives:

  • Keeping important clinicians updated on new data
  • Gaining valuable input on clinical development strategies
  • Key opinion leader and advocacy development
  • Enhancing corporate image

Our teams can help you develop and implement outstanding investigator meetings, and ensure synergies with your other strategic and tactical initiatives.


Opinion Leader Roundtables & Summit Meetings

ECIR Medical Communications is sensitive to the importance of timely and relevant roundtable and summit meetings. Strategic execution of these meetings can produce important benefits for the brand. These meetings can achieve the following important objectives, which when teamed with advisory board insights help to better position the brand and refine messaging:

  • Better understand the current thinking about your product and/or specific disease areas
  • Learn what the key opinion leaders are thinking about your competition
  • Hear KOLs talking to each other about the latest data and treatment paradigms
  • Interact with KOLs in a setting with a strong clinical feel


Having planned and executed all types of meetings for multiple clients in various therapeutic areas, ECIR Medical Communications harbors the skill set to ensure clients a customized approach for any meeting need. Our team of medical communications experts is capable of helping clients develop objectives, agendas, moderator guides, and participant lists.


Special Events

The professional meeting and event planners at ECIR Medical Communications are experienced in planning and executing all types of special events including Group Dinners and Special Receptions.
Our team has managed such events in multiple markets nationally and internationally, interacting with KOLs across diverse therapeutic areas.