Market Conditioning

Whether you are two or more years before launch, preparing for a new indication or simply have new data to share, you need to make sure that the market is adequately prepared-in advance. The slope of the forecast curve is established in the first few months and the success during that time is driven by what you did in the months and years before. You often will not get a second chance. ECIR Medical Communications can help you craft a market conditioning strategy that:

  • Analyzes the current/future market dynamics
  • Identifies/develops key opinion leaders
  • Helps focus the development of key messages
  • Builds advocacy
  • Establishes a timeline with important milestones
  • Produces a comprehensive, synergistic tactical plan that leverages and maximizes the budget


Key Opinion Leader Development

You know how important Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) are. You probably spend considerable time and money working to develop, improve and retain relationships with the KOLs that are important to you. But are you sure that your efforts are yielding the best results? Do you have a strategic plan in place to ensure that those relationships are strengthened to withstand inevitable personnel changes on your team? ECIR Medical Communications understands how critical key opinion leader and advocacy development is to commercializing a product. We work closely with clients to help them:

  • Identify important KOLs in therapeutic areas new to the client
  • Strengthen existing KOL relationships
  • Develop true KOL advocacy and support for their products beyond the traditional willingness to participate in programs, ad boards, etc.
  • Leverage their budgets