From research to approval, from marketing to commercialization, ECIR Medical Communications delivers a new generation of customized, creative solutions to all your pharmaceutical and
medical device challenges. 

Our medical communications division is comprised of an diverse group of physicians, pharmacists, nurses, statisticians, and medical writers seasoned across multiple therapeutic areas. Included in this group are Key Opinion Leaders (KOL’s) and individuals with previous industry-based medical affairs experience in each therapeutic area. We infuse our clinical experience into each of our medical communications projects to deliver unparalleled insight. In addition to serving as the valued conduit between audiences and you, ECIR Medical Communications maintains strong relationships with
KOL’s across numerous therapeutic areas.

Medical marketing is a diverse; evolving arena and ECIR Medical Communications is committed to remaining abreast of this change. Our approach to your needs is dynamic and we have adapted to the economical and regulatory changes of the times. Our platform is sensitive to both your requirements and those of relevant external organizations to ensure that our programs are delivered at the highest and most relevant level. Our core competencies include:


Our core competencies
Opinion Leader Programs

  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Advisory boards: global, national, regional, market driven, data driven
  • Speaker training
  • Congress roundtables
  • Virtual meetings - Data rooms and web conferences
Scientific Services

  • Product development strategy
  • Publication plan & data analysis
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Literature gap analysis
  • Core claims support
  • Landscape assessment
  • Field force interactive training
  • Medical Writing
Enduring Materials

  • Abstracts & Posters
  • Promotional & Training Materials
  • Literature Libraries
  • Original Artwork
  • Slide Decks: promotional, unbranded, medical affairs
  • Digital Assets: MOA videos, “apps” websites, interactive patient cases